Six reasons why businesses
engage — and re-engage — WITH mensana


A relentless
pursuit of

Nothing motivates a team faster and as infectiously as results. Meeting or exceeding revenue, cost and service goals early is key for sparking a new culture, so that’s a big part of our methodology. Our own jump-off-the-chair excitement over your results doesn’t hurt, either.


A hyper-collaborative approach.

Teams don’t like things done “to” them: change has to feel like it came from within. Our on-site, collaborative approach is repeatedly cited as a key factor in getting change embraced. We’re there but you’re in charge, and the difference is felt and appreciated.


An ability to drive a permanent cultural shift.

Why do some change initiatives sustain, but most face resistance and don’t take? Culture. Mensana aligns teams towards executing a clearly defined strategy, then keeps driving at something most consultants don’t even touch: a results-obsessed, continuous improvement culture.


A level of speed, capability and dedication.

Your team needs to buy into change and the team that’s bringing it quickly and fully. So we engineer rapid early successes, much faster than internal teams who are busy running the business. This inspires confidence for the bigger challenges ahead. As a client said about our no-nonsense approach, “You get things done.”


Sustained leadership engagement.

You can’t delegate a culture. As the owner of the strategy, leaders must drive the change. We make leadership engagement a do-or-die requirement, and play a close advisory role throughout the hard, long work. Leaders are born for this: we help them live it.


Successful strategy

The strategy is there, but its execution is dragging. This is Mensana’s forte: solving the impasse between roadmap and execution. But we can’t get there with superficial appraisals. We take deep dives into the business, then play back our plan in your language and realities — not in consultant-speak.

And one big reason
why they re-engage us.

Beyond the results and all that follows, Mensana’s clients tell us that they keep bringing us back because the overall experience is simply that good.  

Teams feel like they’re drivers, not passengers. Leaders value the generous access to a trusted advisor and continuous improvement expert. Management likes knowing that we’re there to execute and enhance  — not replace. 

In most cases, when consultants return for another round, they’re either greeted with “Oh no…” or,
“Welcome back!” Ask our clients which reaction we get.

Hear directly from
our clients.