If the same old isn't working, why go back
to the same old?

Traditional industry-focused approaches might stop a slide or improve things short-term. But six months later, nothing’s changed — because the company hasn’t. 

Mensana doesn’t stop when the problem’s solved. We start there. 

After hundreds of successful initiatives across dozens of industries, we can prove that focusing on problems and root causes, then moving beyond to address continuous improvement, is how sustained cultural change happens. 

Making it stick: how to implement management practices that will last beyond the training session

Rather than falling flat, here are some key considerations for making your team training sessions lead to sustained, permanent results.
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Driving predictable sales performance in 3 steps

Take these 3 simple steps to increase your sales performance and get more predictable results.
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Springboard for success: how a leading chemical manufacturer grew its average contribution margin of sales by 84%

Learn how Mensana used their commercial consulting expertise to help Valtris, a specialty chemical manufacture, increase their bottom line significantly.
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