What we do.

Mensana accelerates the implementation of your company's strategy. We deliver significant bottom line results that are measurable in your financials, then go beyond financials to promote actions that create a results-driven culture.

Our program returns $3+ annually for every $1 invested and is cash positive in under a year.  

We do it by being uniquely collaborative: every day we work with your management team to create excitement, while ensuring that sustainable changes are impacting results as expected, and recommendations are never left behind for others to install.

And why.

We didn’t have a slogan when we started Mensana. We wrote it years later, after seeing, over and over, the one thing that made change initiatives not just work, but stick. 

When a team completely embraces the energy and thrill of achieving positive, measurable results, it triggers a seismic cultural shift. And if you embrace that shift it doesn’t stop, and your team, results and company just keep getting better.  

We exist to cause that shift. And we do it with an approach, based in both financial and operational measurability, that we very deliberately call Continuous Profit Improvement.

The bottom line
is a top priority.

Why do we insist on delivering financial improvements early?
The boom.

Operational improvements without measurable financial results are like fireworks without the boom: they lack the excitement that spurs real change. So we engineer both, building credibility in the process and creating an appetite for bigger, longer-term transformation.

You can just work on profit, or you can go farther and deeper, and work on all the things that impact profit. And when you do that, profit becomes just one of the things you’re continuously improving.