Results begin with the right people.
Are you one?

While our people check all the right professional boxes, other qualities might matter even more, because they’re about how you think and act and lead. If these attributes sound like you, you might be a Mensana person.


You think in
results and specifics

If your resume says “grew productivity
18% with six process changes” instead
of “helped operational improvement,” welcome.


You’re curious, why-is-the-sky-blue curious

and when something doesn’t make sense you keep on asking why until you understand it.


Accepting the status quo makes you break out in hives

and the only cure is to constantly
challenge it.


you understand “Results are just the beginning.”

Mensana creates the kind of holistic, lasting change you live for, and you’ll jump at being able to do it here.


You love not knowing where you'll be

or what you'll be working on in five months.


You've got
a degree
in humility

You see a CEO and a line worker as equal sources of insight, and you’re open to learning Mensana’s methodologies.

Sound like you,
or people you’d like
to work with?

Reach out to us now, or see our current job listings.