As you'd expect, our bios are results-driven. Each describes some of the real-world outcomes we've helped teams like yours achieve. And this is just some of our team, as we'll be showcasing different people and roles over time.

Hayo Haentjens

Co-founder & Managing partner

Hayo co-founded Mensana to help people accelerate the execution and implementation of their company’s strategy: “the most rewarding part of this job is to work with management teams that are struggling to move to the next level of performance and, after an often challenging journey, come out on top”. After first believing that consulting was going to be a great 3-year stepping stone in his career, Hayo now can’t imagine doing anything else and is getting close to his 20th anniversary in the industry. His focus is currently on driving Mensana’s strategy through growing private equity partnerships and developing a top talent team that supports his vision of delivering exceptional results that are just the beginning. Hayo earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree with distinction from the Haskayne School of Business.

Eric Andrus

Co-founder & Managing partner

Eric has a combined 15 years of consulting and 8 years in industry driving operational performance. With a view of what it takes to go beyond results, Eric wanted to bring to market an enhanced service in the operations consulting space that not only provided solutions that were immediate in return and sustainable – even transformative – in impact. So he co-founded Mensana with an ever evolving mandate to work with clients to execute their strategies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University, with Master’s studies at John Molson School of Business.

Sumeet Verma

Director, Results and

As a leader in the Operations team, Sumeet works directly with Mensana’s clients to deliver the results as promised and ensure those results are just the beginning. Sumeet has delivered results in Canada, the US, Asia and Europe within a variety of industries including Transportation, Construction, Hospitality, Financial Services, Healthcare, Electrical Distribution and Manufacturing. In the last few years Sumeet has been instrumental in strengthening Mensana’s ‘sales effectiveness’ program delivery to the point where Mensana has become an industry leader in driving organic revenue growth. Sumeet has also spent many years working with organizations on supply chain initiatives. He designed and implemented a global Sales & Operations Planning process for $1B revenue Healthcare Point-of-Care-Tests manufacturer across 11 production facilities which drove a reduction of $32M of inventory and increased EBITA by $6M. Sumeet holds an Honors, Business Administration degree from the Ivey School of Business.

Daniel Otamendi

Senior Manager, Results & Transformation

Since starting as a Consultant, Daniel has grown to be a key leader at Mensana.  His curiosity, logical thinking, and passion for progress has helped his clients overcome many obstacles on the road to improvement. He thrives in understanding a company’s expectations for success and crafting an improvement program that energizes people as they execute the best practices in their respective industry.

Daniel has developed a strong track record in improving sales force effectiveness by translating organizational strategy into execution excellence across business development, account management, inside sales, and customer service functions.

A short sample of results Daniel has collaborated with teams to achieve:

• Optimized opportunity identification, quoting and order processing for a best in class aluminum extrusion company leading to a 40% increase in new dies sold, 20% more opportunities in the sales funnel, 80% reduced quote turnaround time and a 4 fold increase in quote follow-up rates

• Developed and implemented an outside sales playbook for a leading electrical distributor: trained 75+ Sales Executives and Managers on the new sales process while integrating and driving adoption of; drove sales visits up by 68% and growth in warehouse sales by 8%

• Devised and installed a complete sales program - integrated into - for an international chemical manufacturer, leading to 50 new accounts and 200 new product listings at existing accounts within 5 months of implementation

• Developed and implemented a national outbound calling program with 200 Sales Executives at 80 branches of a leading electrical distributor, driving quote follow-up rate to 1.3x per quote and increasing quote win rate by 24%

• Established a rate acceleration program in the converting department of a corrugate plant, increasing feeds per hour by 16%

Daniel holds an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and a Honors Specialization in International Relations from Western. During his downtime, Daniel enjoys playing in a variety of sports leagues in Toronto, participating in culinary skills courses  and volunteering at the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council.

Holly Soave

Senior Consultant

Holly combines Mensana’s methodology with her own collaborative and change management skills to help teams achieve results in labor cost reduction, product and sales refinement, operational restructuring and more. She’s worked across Canada in the Electrical Supply, Financial Services, Plastics Packaging Manufacturing and Moving & Storage Services industries, among others.

A sample of the results Holly has worked with teams to achieve:

• Grew sales 50% over five years, storage service: redeveloped product offering and sales funnel management; installed management dashboards to understand primary referral sources and follow up on leads; analyzed market trends to adapt offering to shifting demand

• Reduced receivables cycle time by 60%, moving services firm: streamlined receivables process, eliminating top sources of errors causing rework and inadequacies in tools

• Increased facility capacity by over 20% with zero capital investment: identified and executed opportunities to reorganize existing space and reduce holding zones

• Reduced annual labor costs by 15%, consumer bankruptcy service firm: developed resource plan to manage labor needs during seasonal workload fluctuations

• Developed unique customer-focused inventory: established process to create, implement and sustain specialized product offering tailored to nationwide regions

Holly is an Ivey School of Business alumnae with an Honours in Business Administration.

Carmelo Ferlisi

Manager, Results and

Across Canada and the UAE, Carmelo has helped teams engineer results-driven transformations in Food Processing, Manufacturing, Chemical Consumer Products, Music Licensing & Royalty Distribution and Transportation & Logistics.

A short sample of results Carmelo has collaborated with teams to achieve:      

• Reduced waste and downtime by 15%, major food processing facility: increased labor utilization across two facilities by staffing production lines based on SKU-specific playbook

• Improved labor efficiency in chemical CPG plant by 30%: implemented a multi-area resource plan to schedule and balance staff across nine production lines and four processing areas

• Boosted throughput at aluminum extrusion plant: increased extruded pounds per labor hour by 20% by enhancing production schedule sequencing logic and moving to continental shift structure

• Improved material flow at window and door manufacturer: implemented inventory management system (including new naming and location conventions) that significantly increased location and count accuracy

Carmelo received his Honours Business Administration from the Ivey School of Business and graduated from the Operations Management Exchange Program at the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, China.

Matthew Frade

Senior Consultant

A Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Toronto, Matthew has helped companies across North America decrease costs and boost revenue.

He has worked with companies in Automotive, Electrical Product Distribution, Aluminum Extrusion, Food Processing, Information Technology Industries, Chemical Consumer Products, Building Products and Corrugated Packaging.

A short sample of results Matthew has collaborated with teams to achieve:

• Enhanced sales process to drive 20% revenue growth, aluminum extrusion company: improvements combined reduction in quote turnaround times with proactive quote follow up process, new dashboards and sales management operating system

• Reduced waste and downtime by 15%, multi facility food processing company contributing to a 3:1 ROI

• Reduced labor costs by 40%, automotive assembly plant: reconfigured work station layout, updated instruction sheets, redesigned activities of 20 workstations

• Improved product management, electrical product distributor: created bespoke data analysis tool to consolidate 7,000,000 lines of sales and inventory data from 180 branches across Canada

• Reduced shipping costs by $800K annually, document technology company: analyzed historical shipping data, improved supply chain and logistics algorithm to identify annual savings

The team that joins yours.

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