Supply Chain and Logistics Consulting Services

No one understands your business better than you. That’s why Mensana begins every project with a detailed assessment of your existing practices, concerns and aspirations. By listening to observations from your entire team — the board room to the warehouse floor to the transportation fleet — we identify issues with service, quality, speed and cost. 

From there, our on-site, hyper-collaborative approach builds a roadmap for practical solutions and sustainable success. With deep experience in supply chain and logistics management, we consistently steer companies toward greater asset utilization and operating profitability. 

In the words of one client, “Mensana delivered everything they said they would, and then some.” 

Nothing motivates a team faster than results

Our previous clients have enjoyed significant benefits to their bottom line. We help you take immediate actions to build results-driven processes that ensure continuous improvement and lasting impacts. 

Here are some typical markers of success for our supply chain and logistics clients: 

10-30% increase to in-house fleet productivity

5-20% reduction in capital and equipment requirements

10-25% reduction in third-party logistics costs

Increased optimization for routes and loads

Improved third-party carrier rates

Improved on-time delivery

Enhanced schedule and delivery predictability

Reduction of deadhead miles

Delivering Success

Before the global pandemic, our supply chain and logistics clients typically expressed concerns about equipment utilization, labor productivity and on-time delivery. Over the last few years, our clients have identified an urgent need to develop greater long-range forecasting, supplier redundancy and regulatory adherence. By building ambitious goals and easy-to-follow metrics, we collaboratively design a process that secures buy-in from your team and delivers measurable success.

In particular, we work hard to keep our supply chain and logistics clients on track, even when new obstacles appear on the horizon: 

  • Pivoting to meet new regulatory requirements and public health protocols 
  • Expanding a network of vendor relationships to ensure reliable inventory control
  • Managing customer expectations about same-day and next-day delivery, even for products with complex distribution channels
  • Evaluating the costs, limits and risks associated from greater reliance on automated vehicles, AI/GPS navigation systems and other technological advancements
  • Acknowledging the increased public scrutiny around the labor practices and environmental impacts of the supply chain and logistics industries

Many companies in the supply chain and logistics industry are deservedly proud of their long histories and traditions of success. In some cases, familiarity with long-standing habits can generate natural hesitation about external consultants. As we started one of our projects, many people in the company were skeptical, especially of the improvements projected with no capital expenditures or personnel changes. But the team committed to the plan and achieved considerable results — OEE increased from 68% to 83%, finished goods inventory costs decreased by 25%, and fewer production changes were required. The once-skeptical associates became leaders, and the company continued to foster a spirit of ongoing improvement. 

That’s the Mensana advantage — we value corporate history as a resource for future planning. 

Real talk from previous clients

“Within a couple of weeks, Mensana won the respect of the SCI team, and their consultants were readily accepted as helpful resources — the total opposite of the pushback that outside consultants often face.”


“The promised 3.5:1 return on investment was exceeded. In fact, the initiative drove other internal projects and helped us develop an improved approach to continuous profit improvement that we maintain today. As such, we have been able to build on the original profit gains to the point that we are now realizing a 13:1 annual return on investment.”