Manufacturing Consulting Services

Your business is special, with unique challenges and opportunities. So why do most consulting services impose one-size-fits-all solutions? 

At Mensana, we pride ourselves on getting to know every aspect of your business — not just the nuts and bolts of your manufacturing process, but also the culture and people that make your company a great place to work. Our on-site, hyper-collaborative approach secures buy-in from your team and delivers tangible wins for your business. 

As one client said about our no-nonsense approach, “Mensana gets things done."

Nothing motivates a team faster than results

Our previous clients have enjoyed significant benefits to their bottom line. We help you take immediate actions to build results-driven processes that ensure continuous improvement and lasting impacts. 

Here are some typical markers of success for our manufacturing clients: 

10-30% increase in production efficiency

1-3% reduction in overall material cost

10-30% reduction in unit labor cost 

5-15% reduction in indirect labor cost

15-40% reduction in WIP inventory 

Improved forecast accuracy and schedule predictability

Improved right first-time performance and reduced scrap

Improved vendor management

Reduced capital expenditures through improved utilization/efficiency of existing assets

Manufacturing Success

Our manufacturing clients usually highlight throughput and schedule predictability as their areas of biggest concern. Using a systematic plan that considers your company’s unique situation in the context of industry benchmarks, we collaboratively design a disciplined, step-by-step approach for future improvement.

In particular, we work together with clients to pinpoint specific ways of meeting today’s manufacturing challenges: 

  • Integrating technology to optimize product assembly, improve reliable uptime orand reduce material waste
  • Navigating a competitive labour market that is constrained by a lack of skilled workers, rising wages and demographic preferences for certain regions
  • Building resiliency policies to mitigate disruption from pandemics and unanticipated crises
  • Exploring possibilities for B2C e-commerce, product customization and consumer education
  • Acknowledging customers’ growing interest in environmentally friendly practices and corporate social responsibility

Manufacturing is the core of your business, so we amplify your success by anticipating the implications of operational changes to other departments. One of our clients improved their productivity so much that they decided to invest in additional infrastructure — an extrusion press that would boost throughput by 40%. Before finalizing that decision, we helped them analyze the potential impact on sales and customer service. What good is greater manufacturing efficiency if you don’t prepare your sales funnel and increase customer service capacity? That’s the Mensana advantage — we think about your company’s holistic, long-term success.

Mensana got the results that we hired them for - increasing our sales. But what we didn't realize would happen was the way they totally transformed our sales team and the synergies within the team.

“What I liked about Mensana was the fact that they really took the time to learn our business. Our team felt part of the plan because they'd been involved in the original assessment.”