Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Consulting Services

The COVID pandemic highlighted the importance of timely and abundant access to healthcare and pharmaceutical supplies, equipment and services. In response, governments and organizations have recognized the need to develop more robust systems for health-related R&D, production and distribution.

We understand the common challenges in your industry that require unique solutions for your business. They are: 

  • Labour Shortages
  • Reducing Errors, Waste, and Rework
  • Unit Cost Improvements
  • Inside vs. Outside Sales Optimizations
  • Contract Bidding & RFP Management
  • Real-time Tracking and Analytics
  • New Technology and Software Adoption
  • Hiring, Attrition, and Turnover Management
  • Production Scheduling
  • Back Office Excellence
  • Stakeholder and Cultural Alignment
  • Customer Service Improvements
  • Service Design
  • Sales Force Effectiveness

At Mensana, we believe the best solutions come from the companies with experience and expertise in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. That’s why our process begins with questions and observations, not one-size-fits-all prescriptions for change. Our on-site, hyper-collaborative approach values the keen insights of your team and identifies the greatest opportunities for leveraging your knowledge and products. 

The world relies on the contributions of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, and we’re proud to support our many clients in these sectors. As one CEO noted, “Mensana really took an interest in ensuring our success.”

The Prescription for Success

Each of our healthcare and pharmaceutical clients is unique, with different challenges that encompass the vast complexities of R&D projects, as well as the granular details of customer service efficiencies. Drawing on our extensive background in these sectors, we collaboratively design an optimization process that analyzes not only current best practices across the industry, but also innovative tactics that focus on your company’s distinct advantages and opportunities.  

Specifically, we work with clients to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving landscape of health-related products and services: 

  • Managing realities and expectations for supply chain management, from both incoming raw materials and outgoing product deliverables 
  • Attracting and retaining qualified talent in an industry shaken by pandemic-induced strain and burnout
  • Navigating the quickly shifting regulatory framework across jurisdictions and levels
  • Evaluating the costs, limits and risks associated from greater adoption of big data, biotechnology and machine learning
  • Incorporating a Quality by Design methodology as an operational practice throughout the entire company

In many cases, our healthcare and pharmaceutical clients begin their project with the intention to improve one specific area; by the end of the process, they typically discover synergistic benefits across departments. For instance, one client engaged Mensana to optimize the utilization of Personal Support Workers and nurses. The project achieved its core goals — utilization jumped by more than 10%, which resulted in increased revenue and decreased write-offs. In addition, the project generated unexpected gains, such as a renewed affirmation to high-quality patient care and a reenergized sense of accountability among the management team. That’s the Mensana advantage — we collaboratively guide processes that inspire ongoing success. 

Nothing motivates a team faster than results

Our previous clients have enjoyed significant benefits to their bottom line. We help you take immediate actions to build results-driven processes that ensure continuous improvement and lasting impacts. 

Here are some typical markers of success for our healthcare and pharmaceutical clients: 

5-10% increase in on-time, in-full customer delivery performance

10-30% improvement in right-first-time performance

10-30% increase in facility capacity increase without expenditure

15-30% reduction in R&D and Engineering/PMO project process cycle time

20-80% reduction in deviations and backlogs

Improved process efficiency  

Increased labor-to-revenue ratio

Reduced re-work and non-critical path activity

Reduced material costs and scrap

Real talk from previous clients

“I was expecting great things from this project, and I am pleased to say that Mensana exceeded those expectations. Even more important than delivering the results, though, was Mensana’s ability to inspire change in the behavior of the entire management team.”